Society and Culture in Korea II
TeachersLEE, HejongStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  2 credit [Department of Language Studies French/German/Spanish/Chinese/Korean Course Matriculated after 2016]
 Syllabus NumberASI-104

Course Description

This class is aimed to deepen the understating of the current circumstances of the Korean Peninsula using the data on Korean society and culture. Following the contents of the previous term, the language and actions that represented by Korean society and people’s way of thinking will be focused to understand Korea today. This class will concretely confirm how Korean people accept things and behave in various situations by experimental research. Based on the results, Korean and Japanese fully understand that there is a difference in how to accept each language and behavior.
While eliminating unfounded prejudice and bias and fully understating that each country is different, the students will learn how to think about and accept as “different culture” and learn how to change it. In this class, language and behavior in a specific scene and the today topics will be introduced.