Business History II
TeachersMESHITSUKA, YosukeStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory Elective  2 credit [Department of Business Administration]
 Syllabus NumberMAN-221

Course Description

In this lecture, students will learn how to do business in Western countries and Japan after the 19th century, following the discussion of "bijinesu no rekisi (business history)" (suzuki, daito, & takeda).The fall semester covers the period after formation of the economy and society centered on large enterprises in Japan, the US ,and Europe. Although this lecture is a lecture on history, it is not the main purpose of providing mere comprehensive and fine knowledge. Rather, knowing the diversity according to the era and the area in the manner of business together with the background that created it, to acquire the effective thinking to relate current way of business and to predict future direction of development It is aimed at.At the same time, we encourage students to have experiences surveying the history of companies on their own hands and feet by themselves. I will have the results submitted as report at the end of term.