Seminar II
TeachersMESHITSUKA, YosukeStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  2 credit [Department of Economics]
 Syllabus NumberSEM-302

Course Description

In this seminar, students will conduct practical training (business simulation) , field activities (factory tours multiple times a year), group and individual surveys, and presentations on the theory and concept of strategic management . And volunteer students will read more advanced literature in sub-seminars. We will exchange with other seminars through the research meeting of the Faculty of Economics.
① Tour of factories in spring and summer: Observe the realities of companies!
② Management & Economic Simulation Exercise (MESE): Practical and integrated learning of company management and accounting!
③ Group survey(Spring) and individual survey(autumn): Learn the skills of survey, presentation and logical thinking!
④ Total review of Strategic Management Theory according to reading a basic textbook.
⑤ Reading more advanced literature (Applicants only): Learn the latest theory of business administration! Let's gain expertise!