Teaching Methods: Science
TeachersAKAISHI, Tamotsu
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Elementary Education Elementary Education Course]
 Syllabus NumberESS-307

Course Description

The goal of science is to understand the qualities and abilities needed to scientifically solve problems with natural things and phenomena, such as through familiarity with nature, using science perspectives and ideas, observing and conducting experiments with prospects, etc. We aim to develop them as follows. "
In this lesson, students will be able to gain an understanding of science education as a whole and gain knowledge and skills in science teaching methods through understanding the history of science education, the changes in the teaching guidelines, and the goals of science education. Aim to be. With regard to the contents of teaching and learning in science, based on the learning in "Introduction to Science", this lecture aims to improve practical skills by emphasizing on teaching methods through exercises in science classes. Work on a mock lesson along the process of problem solving, such as teaching along the process of problem solving, specifically finding problems, setting and forecasting and hypotheses, observing the results through experiments, and reaching conclusions. .