Publishing and Culture II
TeachersYOKOTE, Takuji
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Sociology]
 Syllabus NumberSOC-230

Course Description

Currently, Japanese Manga culture is highly evaluated in the world. In this class, I will explain how Japanese manga culture has started and evolved. In Japan, Manga was well-recognized among people in the early modern period. After the development of caricature in Meiji era and ‘’four-panel manga’’ in Taisho era, comic books appeared in Showa-era and won a big market.

After the World War II, Manga publication has further evolved. Two notable Manga journals, ‘’Shonen magazine’’ and ‘’Shonen Sunday’’ was published in 1959. In the 1980s and 1990s, ‘’Shonen Jump’’ became a big seller and Japanese Manga culture was at the peak of its prosperity. After that period, ‘’Media mix’’ strategy (combining Manga with other medias, e.g., video games or TV programs) started. Manga has become one of the most popular Japanese cultures.

Following the history of Japanese Manga, I will explain the development of the Manga culture, as well as make students watch animation movies and documentaries. What kind of strategies have been taken by the editors of Manga journals? I will capture Japanese Manga culture from various points of view.

I am an incumbent editor and learnt the basis of editing from the first managing editor of ‘‘Shonen Magazine’’, ‘‘Shojo Friends’’, and ‘‘Nakayoshi’’. I will give a lecture based on professional knowledge of publishing and editing.