Publishing and Culture I
TeachersYOKOTE, Takuji
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Sociology]
 Syllabus NumberSOC-229

Course Description

‘‘Best seller’’ originally means the best-selling product, but often refers to books. The purpose of this lecture is to uncover why best-seller books dominated the marketplace. To this end I will shed light on various related aspects, e.g., the strategies of publishers or the contents of books.

I put emphasis on best-seller books in the 21st century. I guess students will find familiar books in this class. Capturing the background of best-seller books help us understand the modern culture. I will also cover social issues related to best-seller books, e.g., the effect of the internet.

I am an editor and have worked for a publishing company for 37 years. Based on this experience, I will convey my knowledge to students. I bet understanding best-seller books is important in any business. My lecture will help students play an active role in the modern society.