Seminar II
TeachersHANAI, TomomiStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  2 credit [Department of Business Administration]
 Syllabus NumberSEM-302

Course Description

In this seminar, the students will research in groups. The basic theme is consumers behavior, and motivation to leisure activities and travel. At first, they will decide the purpose of research through discussion. Then, they will build hypotheses and make a questionnaire to verify them. The questionnaire will be distributed, and the collected data will be analyzes statistically using Excel and SPSS. Finally, they will summarize the results and consider if their hypotheses be supported. The main purposes of this seminar are to acquire the skill to 1) gather useful information from books, articles and newspapers, 2) build a hypothesis and conduct a questionnaire survey in order to verify it, 3) analyze the collected data statistically, and 4) write a report about the survey and present it.