Elementary Laboratory Course in Psychology
TeachersSHIKISHIMA, ChizuruStaffInfo, HORITA, YutakaStaffInfo, IIJIMA, YuudaiStaffInfo, SUGITA,Manami, KONDO, Noriko, MIYAWAKI, Kaori, KOMATSU, Hidemi, TSUJITA, Masaki, IIBOSHI, Ryosuke, ISHIDA, Ikki, ONOJIMA, Moe, YUASA, Aya
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  2 credit [Department of Psychology Matriculated before 2018]
 Syllabus NumberEXP-201

Course Description

The purpose of this lecture is to learn important research methods in psychology such as experiments, survey, and statistical analysis. Students will be assigned to a group, and be taught by some teachers. They will learn seven themes through all 15 classes. For each theme, students have to analyze data which is obtained in an experiment, look up literatures, and submit a report until next week.