Psychological Informatics I A
TeachersMOCHIZUKI, KanameStaffInfo, KUSAYAMA, TaichiStaffInfo, OE, TomokoStaffInfo, SANEYOSHI, AyakoStaffInfo, SUGITA,Manami, KONDO, Noriko, TSUJITA, Masaki, IIBOSHI, Ryosuke
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  0 credit [Department of Psychology Matriculated before 2018]
 Syllabus NumberPOI-101

Course Description

In this course, students will acquire knowledge and skills that are needed for psychological researches. In particular, (1) presentaition skills with Microsoft Power Point, (2) data handling skills with MS-Excel, (3) basic statistical methods and calculation skills with "R", and (4) skills to write psychological reports with MS-Word.