Qualitative Research
TeachersMORI, IppeiStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Elementary Education Preschool Education Course]
 Syllabus NumberSOE-205

Course Description

  In this lecture, we aim to acquire three kinds of methods to collect qualitative data based on fieldwork research and two distinctive methods to analyze the data. The former ones are interview, participatory observation (and taking field-notes), and video-recording, and the later ones are Grounded Theory Approach and Ethnomethodology & Conversation Analysis.
  This lecture takes a form of practical training based on groups. In the early part of this lecture, we are going to review the methods of collecting and analyzing qualitative data. And then in the later part, students are going to participate their own field of concern, collect data actually, analyze it under my supervision, and write individual reports finally.