Introduction to Education of Children with Visual Impairments
TeachersSAWADA, Susumu
Elective, CreditsElective  1 credit [Department of Elementary Education Preschool Education Course]
 Syllabus NumberSNE-207

Course Description

1. Course Description

1. Course Aims
The objectives of this course are to learn the characteristics of visual impairment and the coaching for the children with visual impairment and to understand the basics of the education for the visual impairment.“Visual impairment” is a physical challenge that the person is visually impaired or has difficulty in seeing, therefore we need to understand the basic characteristics of each challenge and manage the teaching method considering the characteristics of each challenge. There are various special teaching methods required for visual impairment education and some of the examples are, teaching Braille, teaching visuoperceptual, teaching by touching teaching how to walk, teaching for the infants, teaching for children with multiple physical challenges, and vocational training. This course aims to further understand the visual impairment and to improve the skills required for supporting and teaching children with visually impaired.