Practice in Archaeological Research 1C- II
TeachersABE, AsaeiStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory Elective  2 credit [Department of History]
 Syllabus NumberARC-208

Course Description

The main research subjects of archaeology are remains such as houses and tombs, and relics such as potteries and stone tools. Various knowledge and skills are required to record and utilized these materials. So, using the actual materials, students will learn these knowledge and skills for the purpose of this subject.
This autumn course is about the archaeological method and practice concerning the technology of the Jomon pottery. Students will be expected to twine plant fiber into many kinds of strings, and roll them on clay plate to make replicas of Jomon pottery gesigns, and will be required to learn Takuhon (rubbed copy) skill to copy Jomon designs by using the Takuhon ink and dabber. By doing this, the student grasps many attributes granted in the process from production of the pottery to the disposal, and restores the content of the thought and action of the Jomon people from there. The method for examining stone tools in spring is also the same. Also, as students know that home runs can not be struck immediately even if they read the baseball teaching books, they will understand the importance of the body's memory and knowledge (procedural memory difficult to replace in languages) in the making and using of tools. If there is time, in addition to indoor practice, students search resources on campus and collect available plant resources.