Senior Seminar I
TeachersYAMAZAKI, NaoyaStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory Elective  2 credit [Department of Language Studies Matriculated before 2017]
 Syllabus NumberSEM-401

Course Description

This seminar-style course is designed for students who conduct a research on East Asia, especially Chinese-speaking areas. Students will find their own research topic based on their academic interest. A wide variety of topics are accepted as long as they are academically and/or socially important.

Students in this course have to write a 6000-to-8000-word research paper at the end of the second semester. To complete a research paper with originality, students are required to meet the following criteria:

1. To know important rules of social science research
2. To read academic articles based on one's interest and know what other researchers have already discussed
3. To find a topic that is academically and/or socially important
4. To pose a hypothesis and prove it using empirical data
5. To express one's opinion effectively both in oral and written forms