TOEIC Preparation I (Intermediate)
TeachersOGANE, MasatomoStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Self-Development Support Course]
 Syllabus NumberENG-105

Course Description

The aim of this coursei is to i) improve TOEIC score for 400 to 600 points. ii)inprove ability of pratcical English communication in order to realize the theme i) , I proceed leclure in utilizing the text book revised in accordance to the format of TOEIC test in and after 2016 so as to help students familiarize themselves with the format and timing of the recent TOEIC test and develop their listening and reading skills, offering them basic test-taking strategies of the TOEIC test.
Please prepare studies of the Text book in accordance with the course program and inquire me proactively what you don't understand and why you cannot understand. By investigating solutions, I would like to make this lecture help all the student to improve the real ability of English communication. I recommend students to review lectures after the classes by utilizing the Self-Study Program of the textbook on line in order to accomplish rapid improvement of English ability.