World Dimension (Asia)1
TeachersOGANE, MasatomoStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [General Education]
 Syllabus NumberARS-101

Course Description

I proceed lectures in terrms of the main agenda such as political, economical, global, inter-nations and social issues of Asian nations specially in line with the spirit of independence of the nation, regional cooperation and economic cooperation provieded by International cooperation agencies and birateral cooperation agencies such as JICA, Japanese aid organitation brought up with the result of the postwar processing, on the bases of my experience in the field of the developping nations in Asia. Asian nations have been faced valuable experience from global economic system. However, many issues such as disperity, development dictatorship, poverty,social vulunerabilities, ethnic conflict and environmental degradation have remained unresolved. Registered students are expected to play a proactive roles such as reporting, presentation to the lecturer and other students and discuss each others to understand realities of this regions more essentially and deeply.