Idioms II
TeachersCVITKOVIC, RobertStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsElective  1 credit [Department of Language Studies French/German/Spanish/Chinese/Korean Course Matriculated after 2016]
 Syllabus NumberENL-102

Course Description

Idioms are defined as groups of words whose meaning is different from the individual separate word meanings. Sometimes it is easy to guess the meaning from the individual words alone, but quite often it is nearly impossible. Phrasal verbs differ from idioms in that made up of a base verb plus a preposition or adverb, but are similar in that many phrasal verbs are idiomatic. The main takeaway is that English is full of idioms and phrasal verbs and not knowing their meanings can prevent English learners from improving their communication skills. However, the main reason to learn them is that they are fun to use in your conversations and they make your English sound more natural. In this class, you will do many interactive activities in addition to an e-learning app to help you remember and use idioms and phrasal verbs. We will study individually and in small groups. If you want to learn to speak like a native, then learning idioms and phrasal verbs are essential.