Social Futurology
TeachersIKE, ShuichirouStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Sociology]
 Syllabus NumberSOC-109

Course Description

This course aims to think about the future from the points of view of the present society. We project several present social problems to the future. Futurology is an utopia as ideology what K.Mannheim pointed out. We need emancipation from the notion of the developmental stage which planed by progressive view in 19th century. We may be reminded of problems as the extermination of mankind, the class struggle, the hyper-controlled society, robots' revolt against human, and biohazard etc. These subjects are signs of our mental fears and are taking place in realty. Therefore they are taken up by novels and cinemas. We consider them by means of watching some excellent SF cinemas.
What is in question in this course are the development in the future as a fantasy and the universality of social problems for mankind. Sociology has planed the future as the stage theory of development traditionally. We critically analyze this stereotyped futurology by our imagination.