Career Design1
Grade, SemesterYear 2 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0D101

Course Description

In recent years, it is becoming increasingly important to draw a clear image of your future in the early days of university due to the early adoption of job-hunting. From the viewpoint of lifelong development, university is a very important period for career development as it is a transition period to enter a professional life away from school life.
Therefore, in this course, we will promote vocational understanding and self-understanding indispensable to think about future career formation. By deepening self-understanding, students acquire the way to think about their own career development after graduation.
In this course, students will acquire the knowledge and ability of learning goals 2 and 3 of General Basic Subjects.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to have a clearer understanding of the future image by understanding the significance of career, thinking about the relationship between learning at the university and the future. Therefore, in this course, students will proceed with industry, industry type, and occupation research based on the socio-economic situation and employment situation in Japan. Furthermore, regarding self-understanding, students will be able to grasp the interests concerning occupation, the values on working, the strengths and weaknesses, and prepare for future occupation selection.
In the course, there will be group work aimed to improve communication skills.

Grading Policy

Occupational understanding summary (30%), self-understanding summary (30%), creation of self-introduction (20%), final assignment (20%)
Based on learning in each theme, students will compile a summary of vocational understanding and self-understanding. Students should create self-introduction papers and have presentation within the course. There will give feedback on the whole in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

Enomoto Kazuo / Yokoyama Akiko Sanpo Corporation, 2013.
ReferencesOther materials will be distributed during the class.


Through speaking with your family and friends day after day, students are required to grasp their interests, strengths, and weaknesses.
30 hours or more preliminary review is required during this period.


· This course is a general basic subject (2 credits), and is included in the studies limit.
· Only 2nd grade students are eligible. It is not compulsory, but it is preferred to take this course.


1On the guidance and important attitude in the second grade
: Before the class, students are required to bulletin how to spend their university life and goals.
2 What is career design?
: Before the class, students are required to read textbook pp 7-30 and summarize important keywords in notes.
3Design your university life
: Before the class, students are required to read textbook pp 31-78 and summarize important keywords in notes.
4Basic knowledge about job hunting (Examination of SPI Practice Test)
: Before the class, students are required to grasp the trend of questions after LMS "Manabi's Square <Professional Skill Practice Test>".
5Occupational understanding ① Understand Japanese economic situation and industrial structure
: Before the class, students are required to grasp the current issues in the economic industry in news and newspapers.
6Occupational understanding ② Understand industry, industry type, and occupation
: Before the class, students are required to examine the current state and future potential of the industry of interest.
7Occupational Understanding ③ Understand the diverse working styles
: Before the class, students are required to examine what kind of general occupations or job contents are available.
8Self-understanding ① Know your own interests in occupation
: Before the class, students are required to bring the professions of interest so far.
9Self-understanding ② Know the values of your own work
: After the class, students are required to talk to friends about own values that were clarified in class.
10Self-understanding ③ Creating your own history (Exploring the source of interest in future occupation)
: When did you get interest in your future occupation? Look back on your experiences and let the bulletin describe the events that triggered you.
11Self-expression ① Know your own strengths , weaknesses, and how to create your self-introduction papers.
: Before the class, students are required to prepare several episodes that demonstrates their strengths and attend classes
12Self-expression ② Presentation and evaluation of self-introduction
: Before the class, students are required to read over the created self-introduction papers many times and check if their strengths will be understood by the listeners.
13Self-expression ③ Self-introduction presentation, evaluation, and creation of completed draft
: Before the class, students are required to prepare to complete the final draft based on the comments.
14Make an action plan from summer vacation and the latter half of the second grade
: Students need to check their own planning skills and think about the behavior from summer vacation and latter half of 2nd year with importance and urgency.
15Summary / Test – To languageize the future working image
: Students should check again if your desired job category / industry is clear.