Physics 1
TeachersAOKI, AkioStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 1st semest [Department of Mechanical and Precision System, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number1A102

Course Description

The following contents will be learned.
(1)Basic unit and assembly unit in SI unit
(2)Synthesis of orthogonal components to orthogonal components and its application
(3)Velocity, acceleration, and differentiation in motion
(4)Law of force acting on an object, law of motion
(5)Work and energy
In this lesson, knowledge, techniques, and attitudes regarding about DP 2 and DP 3 will be acquired.
Lessons are primarily lecture-style, but pair works will be carried out as appropriate according to the context of the each lesson.

Course Objectives

Students can apply the law of force and the law of motion.

Grading Policy

Your grade in the class will be decided on the final exam 100%. After the final exam, the contents of the exam will be explained.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook5th Edition Basic PhysicsHARA YasuoGakujutsu Tosho Shuppan-sha Co., Ltd.


(1) As preparations for next lesson, please check the meaning of the proper noun and the contents of the relationship shown in the contents of the lesson, and come to the class. (90 minutes)
(2) As a review, please solve exercises applied to the items instructed during the lesson, so that you can cope with works in pair as appropriate in the next lesson. (90 minutes)


Classes are conducted with a prerequisite that fully understanding the sine and cosine of trigonometric functions in mathematics.


1SI unit system and dimensions.
2Synthesis and decomposition of vector and scalar and vector.
3Time and position, time and speed, and time and acceleration.
4Speed and acceleration in constant velocity linear motion, constant acceleration linear motion, and exercises in pairs.
5Derivative of position function with respect to time (average speed and instantaneous speed).
6Velocity and acceleration in horizontal motion.
7Velocity and acceleration in vertical motion.
8Speed and acceleration in parabolic movement and exercises in pairs.
9Speed and acceleration in circular movement.
10Law of force acting on an object.
11Relationship between force and acceleration in law of motion.
12Force acting on the object on the horizontal plane.
13Force acting on the object on the slope and exercises in pairs.
14Work and work rate.