Physics 2
TeachersSHINOTAKE, AkihikoStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [Department of Mechanical and Precision System, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective Requisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number1A204

Course Description

In this course, students learn about work and energy, potential energy, preservation of the energy, preservation of momentum, rotary motion, law of conservation of angular momentum, the law of universal gravitation and planetary movement, dynamic waves such as the vibration of a string and sound wave.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is understanding motion, work and energy, wave phenomenon and being able to solve problems which relate to these matters.

Grading Policy

Students will be evaluated based on periodic test (80%) and report assignment (20%). The submitted reports will be corrected and returned.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookPhysics for Scientists and Engineers Ⅰa Mechanics and Waves
Physics for Scientists and Engineers Ⅰb Mechanics and Waves
R. A. Serway Translated by Matsumura Gakujutsu-Tosho Shuppansha


Since it is positioned as a higher subject of Physics 1, it is necessary to take the subject. It is important to understand the basic of calculus. The range of the class content is wide, please read the textbook about the topic of the next lesson place as described in the first lesson content, clarify the part which can not be understood (about 1 - 1.5 hours) and attend the lesson. After class, please review the theme that you learned, solve practice questions as instructed, and establish an understanding (about 1 - 2 hours). Please submit the assignment as a report at the beginning of the next lesson.


Please bring a scientific calculator. Depending on the degree of comprehension, the progress may go back and forth. So we will instruct the review subject and the next preparatory range at the time of each lesson.


1Work and energy (1) (work done by force)
[Preparation] To read through the textbook p. 159-168, clarify the points that can not be understood and to take classes.
[Review] Solve the problems 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 23 (p. 180 - ) and submit it as a report at the beginning of the next class.
2Work and energy (2) (kinetic energy, power)
3Potential energy and preservation of energy (1) (conservation and non-conservation force, conservation of energy)
4Potential energy and preservation of energy (2) (various potential energy)
5Momentum and collision (1) (momentum and impulse)
6Momentum and Collision (2) (dynamics of collision)
7Summary of work, energy, momentum
[Practice] We ask the representative to write an answer of specified question on the blackboard and explain it.
8Vibrational motion
9Law of universal gravitation (1) (law of universal gravitation, gravity, weight)
10Law of universal gravitation (2) (Kepler's law, planetary movement, gravity field)
11Mechanical wave (1) (kind of wave, nature of traveling wave)
12Mechanical wave (2) (wave velocity, harmonic wave)
13Sonic and light waves
14Superposition of waves and standing waves
15Overall summary and review