Engineering Ethics
TeachersKANNARI YUTOStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 2 1st semest [Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number3H202

Course Description

There are various ethical matters that engineers and researchers should consider carefully, such as “why engineers are accountable for products,” "whose fault is an error,” "should the design be improved to reduce accidents, even at the great expense,” In this course, we will discuss the ethical issues engineers face while referring to specific cases.
This course is mainly a lecture style, but rather than one-way communication from the teachers, I will provide time for discussion and give the opportunity of presentation by applicants.
This course is designated to achieve to DP1, 2, 3, 4.

Course Objectives

・Students can understand the problems taken up in the course and explain in their own words. (Knowledge / Understanding)
・Students can think logically and critically. (Skill)
・Students can read critically.(Skill)
・Students can give presentations. (Skill)

Grading Policy

・Regular examination: 80%, active participation in this course (expressing opinions, reading texts, making presentation, summarizing): 20%
・I will provide feedback at the time of consideration in each lecture. I will also provide feedback on the presentations.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookLecture prints will be distributed on LMS.
References『JABEE対応 技術者倫理入門』小出泰士丸善株式会社、2010年
References『はじめての技術者倫理 未来を担う技術者・研究者のために』北原義典講談社、2015年
References『技術者倫理の世界 第3版』藤本温編森本出版株式会社、2013年


・The second to the 11th: The teaching materials for each lecture will be uploaded on LMS in advance. Think about the questions in the lecture at that time (e.g., why engineers are accountable for products) (30 minutes), and prepare the lecture using the LMS teaching materials (30 minutes). In addition, summarize the lecture content for the exam (120 minutes).
・The 12th, 13th: If you want to make a presentation, please prepare for it (180 minutes).
・The 14th: If you are a candidate for summary, summarize the contents of the lecture you are in charge of and prepare a short discussion (180 minutes).


・This class is designated to achieve objectives 1-4 of the required course of JABEE program for the students belonging to Information and Electronic Engineering
・It is recommended to attend the course of “Ethics” held in the second semester, but this is not a requirement.
・In this course, we will use LMS for distributing lecture prints, taking a questionnaire etc.


1Introduction (What is engineering ethics?)
2Accountability (Why engineers are accountable for products?)
3Product liability (What are the correct use conditions?)
4Human error (whose fault is an error?)
5Cost-benefit analysis (Should the design be improved to reduce accidents, even at the great expense?)
6Whistle blowing (When is whistle-blowing allowed?)
7Intellectual property (Can ideas and technologies be released to the public immediately?)
8Globalization (Are there common global values?)
9Precautionary principle (Is GM food safe?)
10Environmental preservation (Why should we protect nature?)
11Human and technology (What is technology for humans?)
13Presentation② and about summary
15Examination and summary