Bioethics 1
TeachersSANO KazumiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 1st semest []
CategoryCommon Core Courses
Elective, CreditsRequisites 1credit
 Syllabus Number7A107

Course Description

People involved in medical technology must always be close to the patient and respect their dignity. In this lecture, you will learn the outline of bioethics that you should learn to become a judo reduction teacher. With the rapid development of medical technology in recent years, the problem of life and death is diversifying. Along with that, there are more events that cannot be judged by science alone. In this lecture, you will have the opportunity to think about yourself and discuss issues that are not clearly black and white.
This class corresponds to DP1.

Course Objectives

① Learn the terms related to bioethics.
② Deepen understanding of social issues such as the birth of life and the selection of life.
③Discuss with others and learn that there are various values.
④Have your own opinions and ideas.

Grading Policy

We will evaluate with 2 report (only in Japanese) assignments (50%), after lesson reaction paper (40%) and attendance for discussion (10%).
The report will be evaluated on whether it is not copied from somewhere but your own opinion.
I will return the report in class.
If there are no more than two-thirds of attendance, no unit will be issued even if only report is submitted.

Textbook and Reference

ISBN-13: 978-4759815429
Satoshi KodamaKagaku Doujin


At the end of each lesson, instruct students to read the appropriate chapter of the textbook by the following week and hand out a preparatory assignment sheet.
During the class, you will be given a sheet to fill out the points of the lecture and a group work assignment sheet.
Slides used in class will be posted on the LMS, so please use them for review and preparation. If necessary, we may instruct you to look up news related to the theme via newspapers, the Internet, etc.
The time required for preparation and review is 1 hour to 2 hours / time each.
Report creation is assumed to be 3 to 4 hours / time.



1Guidance / Grouping
2Group work① (think about doping)
3What is bioethics
4The challenges of life and death
5Group work②(examine and discuss familiar topics)
6Artificial insemination and preimplantation / prenatal diagnosis
7Group work ③ (think about life selection)
8Gene Medicine and Designer Baby
9Group work ④ (think about gene medicine)
10Abortion and fetal rights
11Group work⑤ (think about rights and obligations)
12Clone technology and regenerative medicine
13Watch video(about Clone)
14Group Work⑥(think about future issues)
15Summary of the first half class