Study of Guidance of Student Personnel Service
TeachersYOKOYAMA, AkikoStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest []
CategoryTeacher Licence Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number9D307

Course Description

The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to understand school guidance and career counseling. Topics may include developmental tasks in youth, adolescent problems, and career development.
Class activities will be a combination of lectures and discussion. Writing reports will be required almost every week.

Course Objectives

(1) Students will learn the process of adolescent development.
(2) Students will be able to to understand the truant teenager and truancy-prevention.
(3) Students will be able to understand career development.
(4) Students will gain writing and interview skills.

Grading Policy

(1) Reports after class (20%)
(2) Learning portfolio (outcomes and reflections of learning) (50%)
(3) Final examination (30 %)
We will return the submitted items such as Learning portfolio, Reports and so on and give feedback.
The final test will be explained on the LMS.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook"Student guidance, career guidance, career education - theory and practice to nurture an independent way of life - "  Akiko YokoyamaTosho-bunka
ISBN-10: 4810097196
ISBN-13: 978-4810097191
Textbook"Student guidance summary"Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyKyoikutosho
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ISBN-13: 978-4877302740
Textbook"Common sense of new education practical training - essential paragraph 66 based on case- " Association for considering educational practice Sokyusyorin.
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References"Junior High School Course of Study
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References"High School Course of Study
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As a pre-assignment, Students review the content of development psychology for the second grade
(about 5 hours)
Students read the scope of the next lesson of the textbook and work on advance tasks
(about 1 hour each time) (2nd - 4th, 10th - 13th).
The pre-assignment will be shown at the end of the lesson and will be uploaded to LMS.
As a post-assignment, students will prepare reports after class(about 1 hour) (2rd-4th,10th-13th).
Students will create reports for presentation(about 1 hour) (5th-9th,14th).
The post-assignment will be shown at the end of the lesson and will be uploaded to LMS.


Students will use LMS.


1The syllabus and the attention points on course, the purpose of the course, the outline, the
assessment method, etc. will be explained.
Students will learn about the concept of development.
2Students will learn a mental health based on various examples.
3Students will read textbooks and learn characteristics of psychosomatic development in
4Students will compile a summary by group on the current situation and problems of school
maladjustment problems based on text book.
5Students will discuss the current situation and issues of delinquency bullying , school refusal and
summarize it in a report.
6Students will discuss the current situation and issues of school refusal high school dropout and
summarize it in a report.
7Students will watch videos on the support for students of school refusal and create reports after
8Students will discussions on how to help a student of school refusal.
9Students will understand the characteristics and support for disabled students.
10Students will learn about the idea and character of student guidance.
11Students will understand the problems of young people 's career decision .
12Students will understand the philosophy and personality of course guidance and career education.
13Students will learn about the significance and current situation of career education and make
suggestions on how to do it.
14Students will learn about the contents of "the latest course of study", consider the role of school
15Final examination and explanation
Students will summarize the reflection of learning in sentences and write a final report.