Educational counseling
TeachersYOKOYAMA, AkikoStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 2nd semest []
CategoryTeacher Licence Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number9D308

Course Description

The course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to understand school counseling and career counseling.
Topics may include a school counseling philosophy, the role of a school guidance counselor, and career counseling.
Class activities will be a combination of lectures, roll playing, and training for counseling skills

Course Objectives

(1) Students will be able to understand adolescent problems.
(2) Students will learn the methods of school counseling.
(3) Students will able to apply basic counseling skills in a school setting.

Grading Policy

(1) Reports after class (20%)
(2) Learning portfolio (outcomes and reflections of learning) (50%)
(3) Final examination (30 %)
We will return the submitted items such as Learning portfolio, Reports and so on and give
feedback. The final test will be explained on the LMS.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook"School teacher's counseling basic training" Uechi Yasuaki Kitaoji Shobo.
ISBN-10: 4762801305
ISBN-13: 978-4762801303
Textbook"Student guidance, career guidance, career education - theory and practice to nurture an independent way of life- " Akiko YokoyamaTosho-bunka
ISBN-10: 4810097196
ISBN-13: 978-4810097191


Personnel Service for the 3rd grade (about 5 hours)
Students read the scope of the next lesson of the textbook and work on advance tasks
(about 1 hour each time) (2nd -9th)
Students look back over the practice of the special support school(about 30 minutes)。
The pre-assignment will be shown at the end of the lesson and will be uploaded to LMS.
As a post-assignment, students will prepare reports after class(about 30 minutes-2 hours) (11th-15th).
The post-assignment will be shown at the end of the lesson and will be uploaded to LMS.
Students will read the reference books and create reports. (5 hours).


Students will use LMS.


1The syllabus and the attention points on course, the purpose of the course, the outline,
the assessment method, etc. will be explained.
Students will learn the contents of school counseling.
2Students will study the characteristics of the students' adolescence and their characteristics.
3Students will learn about the importance of "listening" and "speaking" of communication through practical training.
4Students will understand based on communication contents by actual examples.
5Students will learn about the process and the model of education consultation.
6Students will learn the importance of listening attitude by practical examples.
7Students will learn about respected attitudes and nonverbal communication.
8Students will learn empathy by actual examples.
9Students will learn respected attitudes by actual examples.
10Students will learn about promotional attitudes by actual examples.
11Students will learn support for disabled students.
12Students will learn the subject of career counseling by the concrete example.
13Students will watch videos on the school counselor and understand the difference between the role of the school counselor and the teachers.
14Students will learn the importance of counseling mind in education consultation.
15 Final examination and explanation
Students will visualize the results of learning with a map and summarize the reflection of learning in sentences.