Career Design2
TeachersMORIMOTO, Noriko
Grade, SemesterYear 2 2nd semest [Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number0D102

Course Description

In considering occupation selection after graduation, it is very important to know about your interests in works. Also, in your job hunting activities, we need to explore what kind of place you can be active in society after graduation. For that purpose, it is important to know about the circumstances of job hunting activities, and to take initiative in conducting company research yourselves.
In this course, students will acquire vocational understanding and understand through corporate research, such as what kind of industry / industry type you are interested in, how to study enterprises looking for job hunting activities, practicing in the course, etc. Students are able to think about own future career through not only personal work but also group activities.
For the diploma policy corresponding to this course, please refer to the subject table of each department.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to know the interests of students' interests and to deepen their understanding of their profession through language and industry through industry and company research. In addition, students conduct corporate research during the classes. By doing so, students will be able to have a clearer understanding of the characteristics of each company in the desired industry. Students will be able to prepare realistically for job hunting activities starting from the third year by obtaining viewpoints of information and company comparisons.

Grading Policy

Report on the desired industry (25%), corporate research report (25%), final assignment (50%)
Students will be evaluated depending on whether they are able to verbalize the interests concerning their occupations and are logically and concretely considered in relation to the way they work as they wish after graduation.
Feedback on the whole will be given in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookEnomoto Kazuo / Yokoyama Akiko "大学生のためのライフキャリアデザイン", Sanpo Corporation, 2013. [ISBN978-4-434-17841-2]
Other materials will be distributed during the class.


From what they learned in Career Design 1, students need to think about their future job selection. Students also utilize resources such as newspapers, books, and the Internet to gather information to know about various occupations. A preliminary review of 15 hours or more is required during this period.


Only 2nd grade students are eligible.
• Students who took "Career Design 1" in the first semester of the 2nd grade are encouraged to take this course for further learning.


1Course guidance
: As a preparation, students need to think about the significance of career design in the second half of the second year.
2Self-understanding (take the VPI test)
: After the class, students are required to find out what kind of occupations you are interested in.

3Self-understanding (take the VPI test)
: After the class, students are required to find out what kind of occupations you want to work in the future.
4Have a clearer understanding of desired industries
: Before the class, students relate themselves to their interests, learning at university, etc. and select some desired industry.
5Method and practice of company research
: As a preparatory study, students try to find information on the issues and potential of the companies they desire on the Internet.
6Presentation of company research
: As a review, students will conduct further research on several companies based on the method of corporate research learned so far.
7Conclusion, to describe, explain, have a clearer understanding of the desired industry and occupation
: Students should think about the schedule based on job hunting starting in the third year.