Introduction to Contemporary Science and Technology2
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Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0L102

Course Description

How did science evolve? In this lecture, we will outline the history that modern science has been established from ancient times. In this later course, we will follow the history of science development by field, using "zusetsu kagakushi nyumon" as the text.
We also think about the relationship between science and society.
The students are required to participate in class, having an interest in the latest news of science and technology.

Course Objectives

The students understand the brief history of the development of science and technology, acquire a "scientific" way of thinking, acquire “scientific literacy” and have interest in contemporary science and technology.

Grading Policy

Students will be evaluated with final report assignments.
The report will be evaluated whether it is not copied from somewhere. I will return the report in class. If there are no more than two-thirds of attendance, no unit will be issued even if only report is submitted. We recommend active contributions in group work.

Textbook and Reference

ISBN-13: 978-4480069207
Hashimoto Takehiko Chikuma Shobo


Please also look into news on science and technology, which is reported in newspaper, TV, Internet news etc.
In each lecture, I will instruct what I want you to prepare and review in the next lesson.
Evaluation will be done in the report. So, please get used to writing the report.
I think that it takes about an hour for preparation review.


We will use LMS to prepare for review.
In addition, resume will be distributed as necessary.


1Guidance. What is the hottest science right now
2From the Science and Technology Topics in 2020
3Introduction of the Nobel Prize for 2021
4Group discussion: What is different between science and magic
5Learn the history of astronomy based on the history of astronomy - text 47-87
6Learn on the history of meteorology - text pages 89-126 we will learn the history of meteorology
7Learn the history of geology based on the history of geology - text 127-166
8Learn the history of zoology and botany based on the history of zoology and botany ~ text 167-214 page
9Learn the history of the human body (medicine) - text 215-250 page
10Learn the history of life science based on the history of life science - texts 251-286
11Learn the history of molecules, atoms, elementary particles based on the history of molecules, atoms, elementary particles ~ text page 287-328
12Present life science (plan to watch movies)
13Nuclear power · elementary particle research present (movie watching schedule)
14Group discuccion: Future science, the future of science
15Summary of the lecture. Final report assignment