Instructional Design of Information Study 2
TeachersWATANABE, Hiroyoshi
Grade, SemesterYear 3 II/IV [Department of Information Science Correspondence Course, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryTeacher Licence Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number4H205

Course Description

In this course, students aim to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to teach "Information". First, students review what they learned in "Instructional Design of Information Study 1" such as goals and contents of information education in secondary schools, instructional design, learning assessment, and so on. Then, they will consider how to teach network, information system, database and data analysis. In the latter half of the course, students will write a teaching plan, conduct a trail lesson, and reflect the lesson. Through these activities of designing and conducting trail lessons, students will acquire knowledge and skills as a teacher.

Course Objectives

This course aims to improve students' understanding of information education in secondary schools as the follow-up to the subject "Instructional Design of Information Study". Students are expected to be able to conduct lessons of course “Information”.
The specific goals for students are the following:
-To be able to explain educational goals and philosophy of information education in elementary and secondary education.
-To be able to explain learning contents in common subjects “Information”.
-To be able to write a plan to teach a part of "Information Study by Scientific Approach" based on the idea of instructional design.
-To be able to prepare teaching materials and conduct a lesson based on the teaching plan.

Grading Policy

The criteria for passing are to be accepted all required reports and to score 60% points on the final examination. Feedbacks on reports are given via LMS. The final grade of students who passed will be calculated according to the following process: reports in each class 60% and the final examination 40%.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookTeaching guides for the courses of study “Information”
TextbookInformation Study by Scientific ApproachTokyo Shoseki Co., Ltd. 
TextbookLearning material for teachers on information subject at high school "Information I"MEXTMEXT (2019)


In-class and out-of-class learning cannot be distinguished because this subject is a correspondence course. Learning materials are provided via LMS. Students are expected to learn according to the directions on LMS. Learning activities on each class will take about 4 hours and a half.


The course is conducted in Japanese.


1Introduction, semantic composition and visual styles of documents
2Instruction on "Information and telecommunications network"
3Instruction on "Information system and database"
4Instruction on "Quantitative data analysis"
5Instruction on "Qualitative data analysis"
6Investigation of practical research on education (database and data science).
7Study of learning materials for trial lesson (digitization).
8Instructional design and teaching plan for trial lesson (digitization).
9Completion of learning materials and simulation of lesson (digitization).
10Watching and evaluating trial lesson video.
11Study of learning materials for trial lesson (programming or database).
12Instructional design and teaching plan for trial lesson (programming or database).
13Completion of learning materials and simulation of lesson (programming or database).
14Conducting and recording trial lesson.
15Review and final report.