Seminar in Information and Electronic Engineering
TeachersKOBAYASHI, YasuyukiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 2nd semest [Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 1credit
 Syllabus Number3G301

Course Description

Through attending the information session and visiting laboratories, students will individually choose the research field for graduation study and will decide the affiliated laboratory for graduation study after arrangement based on his or her desire.
Students will obtain necessary knowledge and skills for graduation study through listening to the interim presentation conference and the final presentation conference, and participating in laboratory's activities.
Attending a lecture for career selection, students will reexamine their orientation and characteristic and will prepare their career after graduation.
This course corresponds to the diploma policies DP2, DP4C, DP4M, and DP4E.

Course Objectives

According to the diploma policies DP2, DP4C, DP4M, and DP4E, this course aims for students to prepare their graduation study and career selection through participating in laboratory's activities.
Students will be able to analyze and integrate their problems multilaterally, and will be able to obtain the ability to set up their own issues.
Students will be able to obtain the knowledge and skills of organizing and operating information systems, production functional and user-friendly multimedia contents, and designing and producing electronic systems.
Students will be able to obtain the manners of the audience through listening to the interim presentation conference and the final presentation conference.
Students will be able to cultivate self-expression power necessary for their career design and development.

Grading Policy

The overall grade will be decided based on the advising teacher's own weighting on a report for career lectures, a report for career preparation, a report for presentation conferences, and extensive activity in the laboratory.
In the laboratory's activity, the advising teacher directs students on knowledge and skills necessary for graduation study and preparation for their career selection. Students must submit their answers and exercises by the date due given. The teacher will evaluate and feedback will be given when the preparations and reviews are reviewed.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookEach student must prepare the textbooks instructed by the advising teacher.
ReferencesEach student must prepare the reference documents instructed by the advising teacher.


Students must visit laboratories before submitting their desiring laboratories lists.
The advising teacher will direct the preparations and reviews corresponding to the activities in the laboratory.
For the preparations, research documents will be distributed according to the individual progress status, and the student is required to review and summarize the documents for about 0.5 hours by the due date given.
For the reviews, the student is required to re-examine the created coding, the experimental results, research diaries, and works for preparing his or her career selection, and to organize the issues and the future plans for about 1.0 hour by the due date given.


The affiliated laboratory of this course will be the affiliated laboratory of the graduation study.
As this course does not have time for students to visit laboratories, students should meet teachers in their office hours to visit laboratories.


1Information session for laboratories.
2Lecture for career selection.
3Workshop to confirm achievement degrees.
4Arrangement for laboratories.
5Activity in the laboratory such as introduction.
6Activity in the laboratory.
7Activity in the laboratory which includes attending to the interim presentation conference (in November).
8Activity in the laboratory.
9Activity in the laboratory.
10Activity in the laboratory.
11Activity in the laboratory.
12Activity in the laboratory.
13Activity in the laboratory.
14Activity in the laboratory.
15Attending to the final presentation conference (right after a regular examination in February).