System and Management of Education
TeachersFURUYA MasanobuStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest []
CategoryCommon Core Courses
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0M101

Course Description

- In this course, students will learn about the structure, content, interpretation, and reform of the legal system regarding school education.
- This course will provide an opportunity for students to learn about curriculum management and crisis management currently required in school education.
- In addition to lecture-format classes, the 8th and 15th class will be conducted as a dialogue with the students encouraging active learning.
- This course is related to Learning Goal 3 of "General Subjects".

Course Objectives

- Students show interest in the discussions on the structure, content, interpretation, and reform of the legal system regarding school education. (Interest and motivation)
- Students understand the legal system that supports education and the schooling system. (Knowledge and understanding)
- Students develop an idea of the desired future school education, from the perspective of creating a safe and secure school where the human rights of children are protected (Expression)

Grading Policy

- Reflection paper (indication of attendance and learning) 30%
- Participation and attitude in class (dialogue) 30%
- Writing assignment "What is desired for future school education?" 40%

Textbook and Reference

Textbook『法律で学ぶ教育制度 』古田薫・山下晃一編著ミネルヴァ書房 2020 ISBN 978-4-623-08182-0


- Students should present their opinions clearly in class
- A reflection paper will be distributed at the end of every class. Students should summarise the class with a single kanji character and present the reason why you chose that particular kanji



2Post WWII development of school education in Japan
3Contemporary topics on school education
4Legal systems that support school education
5Principles of the modern public education system
6The evolution of school education and its challenges
7The educational administration system
8Feedback and dialogue - Discussing the modern education system in Japan
9Curriculum development
10School organisational management
11Theoretical development of school management
12Teaching and classroom management
13Contemporary challenges for school management
14The professionality of education and the autonomy of schools
15Feedback and dialogue- What is desired for future school education?