Writing of Better Japanese 1
TeachersMAKINO, YuStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number0A101

Course Description

This course is a subject for acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes related to leaning goals 2 and 3 of general basic subjects.
Students will receive explanations on printouts in every class, and work on exercises and task assignments till the end of this course.
1.In the first to the 7th class exercises on writing skills are common to all sentence types (writing style, kanji, notation, grammar, paragraph, organization, headings, correction etc.) will be conducted, reviewing, and reorganizing basic items.
2. From the 8th to the 14th class, students will make assignment compositions as a practical training to utilize the fundamental matters learned. Learning basic skills related to essay writing (a method to describe facts objectively, a method to logically describe opinions), students will collect and evaluate information widely according to given tasks. Students will create several expository essays and opinion statements of approximately 1,200 characters.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1.explain facts objectively and learn the major basic skills to describe opinions logically.
2.gather and evaluate information widely according to the given tasks.
3.write expository essays and opinion statements of 1,200 characters.

Grading Policy

This course will be graded as follows: quizzes (40%) and the assignments submitted (60%). The passing score is no less than 60%. Regular exams will not be conducted.
Feedback method: Assignments submitted will be graded, evaluated, and returned. (Quizzes, worksheets, and assignment essays) The assignment essays will be evaluated based on the criteria described in the rubric.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook"The Collection of Handouts in Writing of Better Japanese 1,2, Teikyo University Utsunomiya Campus"


A total of about 45 hours of learning is necessary for the review of each class, collection of materials, and completion of assignments.
1. The explanations, example passages, and exercises are posted in the textbook by the teacher. The necessary preparation and review will be as follows, while details will be explained in each class.
2. For the 3rd to the 7th class, students will review the contents of the previous class and prepare for the quiz.
3. For the 8th to 14th class, you will collect the references for the expository essays and opinion statements you will be working on.


1. Students must bring their textbook to each class. Manuscript paper, etc. will be distributed at the beginning of each class and references will be introduced in class, so you do not have to buy manuscript paper.
2. The LMS will be used for presenting answers, explanations, etc.
3. The use of smartphones, etc. will be allowed during class only to search and confirm the Internet information on class tasks. (However, please gather the information before class so that everyone will have time in class.)


· The explanation of the outline of the course and evaluation.
· "Writing a self-introduction"
2Basics of Writing ① Exercise "Kanji and Idioms"
3Basics of Writing ② Exercise "Style for Formal Writing"
4Basics of Writing ③ Exercise "Grammar"
5Basics of Writing ④ Exercise "Nouns Written in Hiragana, etc." and "How to Use Manuscript Paper"
6Basics of Writing ⑤ Exercise "Correction"
7Basics of Writing ⑥ Exercise "Paragraphs and Organization"
8Creating an Expository Essay ①
-Writing with headings
9Creating an Expository Essay ②
-Writing in a three-paragraph organization with headings
10Creating an Expository Essay ③
-Writing a reader-friendly essay in a three-paragraph organization with headings
11Preparation for the Opinion Statements ①
-Information collection
12Basics of Writing ⑦ Exercise "Differentiating Facts from Opinions"
13Creating an Opinion on a Controversial Topic
14Creating an Opinion on an Abstract Topic
15· Directions for the Book Report Submitted at the Beginning of the Next Semester.
· Writing the Impressions of This Course.