Grade, SemesterYear 1 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number0C121

Course Description

The increasing tendency towards isolation and inactivity in modern life often results in emotional, mental, and physical illnesses. In Japan in the past two decades, it has been reported that the number of people who have inactive life styles has been increasing. The purposes of this course are to improve wellness and social interaction skills with other students leading to more success inside and outside of the classroom.
This course relates to learning objective 5 (liberal education)

Course Objectives

Course Description:
<1> To learn components of physical fitness and how they relate to overall physical wellness.
<2> To develop the skills, rules, and terminology necessary to play basketball and soccer.
<3> To build positive attitude towards Sports and physical activity.

Grading Policy

Active class participation(70%) Assignments and reflection papers(30%)

Textbook and Reference



1. Prepare clothes that are suitable for exercise (comfortable, warm, appropriate, etc.).
2. Sports shoes
1) Outdoor sports shoes
2) Sports shoes for the gym (non-marking)
3) Class participation in leather shoes, pumps, and high heels are not allowed
3. Cut nails short and remove jewelries such as piercings necklaces and rings .
4. You may bring drink for hydration to the school (preferably water).



1Orientation (grouping)
2Physical fitness measurement (outdoor)
3Physical fitness measurement(indoor)
4Walk & Jogging · Soccer ① basic skill · Basketball ① basic skill
5Weight training · Soccer ② small game · Basketball ② small game
6Circuit training · Soccer ③ full game · Basketball ③ full game
7Soccer ① Basic skill· Basketball ① Basic skill · Walk & Jogging
8Soccer ②small game · Basketball ②small game · Weight training
9Soccer ③ full game · Basketball ③ full game · Circuit training
10Basketball ① Basic skill · Walk & Jogging · Soccer ① Basic skill
11Basketball ② small game · Weight training · Soccer ② small game
12Basketball ③ full game · Circuit training · Soccer ③ full game
14lecture( Interview Game)