Writing of Better Japanese 2
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number0A102

Course Description

This course is a subject for acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes related to leaning goals 2 and 3 of general basic subjects.
In order to acquire the ability to create an accurate and logical document, students will work on the task after listening to explanations in each class.
1. Students will write a number of passages of approximately 1,200 characters that summarize and explain the materials you read. Then, describe your opinions of the contents on the document. Various materials (sentences, charts, statistical data, etc.) will be shown.
2. You will practice "How to write a term paper" by working on exercises and worksheets.
(This practice of writing term papers will be mainly done at home.)

Course Objectives

Based on the foundation acquired in "Writing of Better Japanese 1", students will proceed to the next stage.
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
1. Acquire the ability to write sentences with application elements of explanatory essays and editorials, based on the learning about Japanese language management abilities such as idioms, collocations, honorifics etc.
2. Create the term paper, understand the format of the term paper, how to make the summary of the materials, the explanations of the chart.
3. Cultivate the ethics necessary for academic writing.

Grading Policy

This course will be graded as follows: the submitted (40%) and the term paper (60%). The passing score is no less than 60%. Regular exams will not be conducted.
Feedback method: Assignments submitted will be scored, evaluated, and returned. (quizzes, worksheets, assignment essays, and the term paper, etc.). The submitted assignments will be evaluated based on the criteria described in the rubric.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook"The Collection of Handouts in Writing of Better Japanese 1,2, Teikyo University Utsunomiya Campus"


A total of about 45 hours of learning is necessary for the review of each class, collection of materials, and completion of assignments.
1. The explanations, example passages, and exercises are posted in the textbook by the teacher. The necessary preparation and review will be as follows, while details will be explained in each class.
2. The procedure of creating the term paper is as follows. -① a specific you are going to focus on Question will be made with reference to the example topics. ② Literature survey and information gathering will be conducted to clarify this question. ③ Write a term paper with the basic form specified in class (with a cover page, table of contents, text, bibliography etc. including up to 8,000 characters). As for the schedule, the explanation on the term paper will be given in the first class, and the submission of the term paper will be in the twelfth class.


1. Students must bring their textbook to each class. Manuscript paper, etc. will be distributed at the beginning of each class and references will be introduced in class, so you do not have to buy manuscript paper.
2. The LMS will be used for presenting answers, explanations, etc.
3. The use of smartphones, etc. will be allowed during class only to search and confirm the Internet information on class tasks. (However, please gather the information before class so that everyone will have time in class.)
4. For the student in the department of information and electronic engineering is a required subject for the JABEE program, and relevant to learning goal 2-1.


· Explanations on the term paper, its requirements (number of characters, organization, and format), the deadline of submission, etc.
· Submission of the Book Report ("The introductions to two books in the assigned book list").
2Exercise on the Term Paper ①
"What is a Term Paper, the Organization, How to Add Headings"
3Exercise on the Term Paper ②
"Specifying Your Theme and Create Your Own Question"
4Exercise on the Term Paper ③
"Literature Review"
5Exercise on the Term Paper ④
"Writing a Summary of the Materials"
6Exercise on the Term Paper ⑤
"How to Cite in the Text or in the Bibliography"
7Exercise on the Term Paper ⑥
"Making the Outline of the Term Paper"
8Exercise on the Term Paper ⑦
"Writing a Part of the Term Paper"
9Exercise on the Term Paper ⑧
"How to Explain Tables and Figures Cited"
10Exercise on the Term Paper ⑨
"How to Correct Term Papers"
11Exercise on the Term Paper ⑩
"Correction of Your Own Term Paper"
12Exercises on Japanese language ①
-Honorifics and Grammar
13Exercises on Japanese language ②
-Proverbs and Idioms
14Writing an Essay on a Given Topic
15Course Evaluation and Reflection