Experiments in Aerospace Engineering1
TeachersMANAKO HiroyasuStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest [Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 3credit
 Syllabus Number2F305

Course Description

This course deals with the laboratory course of aerospace engineering and includes following topics.
1. Fluid dynamics and Aerodynamics
2. Jet engine and combustion
3. Simulation and signal control
4. Materials and structure evaluations
5. Space science
6. Project base learning
Group experiences consisting of a small number of students in the laboratory are very effective to learn how to handle instruments and to communicate with instructor. Experimental reports must be handed in and evaluated by instructor after the experiments. Originality in the discussion part of the report and the sufficient literature survey are the most important discipline in this lab course.

Course Objectives

By end of the laboratory course, students should be able to express the fundamental skills and knowledge of the aerospace engineering field to become a successful engineer. Students should be able to develop the skills necessary to work in a group, how to write technical reports, how to make scientific presentations effectively, and how to solve the real problems. In every experiments, students must write reports which deal with the objective, theory, experimental procedure, results, discussion, and conclusions. The goals of this course are to develop the scientific skills for the graduation research.

Grading Policy

Your overall grade in this course will be calculated according to the average of every five experiments whose score will be decided based on the quality of students experimental performance in the lab 50% and laboratory reports 50%. To pass, students must earn at least 60 points out of 100 in every experiments.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookText book
‘Instructions of Experiments in Aerospace Engineering 1 and 2, 2021’ will be distributed.


Student must pre-study the textbook of next experiments (1hr). After experiments, experimental data and memorandum must be summarized immediately. Since data analysis and discussion parts are the most important in the report writing, Student should generate original report according to the basic form utilizing the reference books in the university library (3 hrs).


Attendance is essential. Student should inform his/her absence to instructor in advance. Students will divided into 7 groups and complete one experiments in two weeks according to the schedule. Experimental report must be handed in within six days after finishing it. Evaluations of report will be done after one week.


1Guidance of Experiments in Aerospace Engineering: Detail explanations of schedule and rule of laboratory course.
2Experiment 1 Aerodynamic experiments using wind tunnel 1 Observations of flow of air
3Experiment 1 Aerodynamic experiments using wind tunnel 2 Analysis of individual forces
4Experiment 2 Jet engine operation 1 Basic theory and thermodynamical analysis
5Experiment 2 Jet engine operation 2 analysis of jet propulsion
6Experiment 3 Mechanical properties of aerospace materials 1 Tension tests
7Experiment 3 Mechanical properties of aerospace materials 2 Hardness tests of duralumin for examining age hardening effects
8Experiment 4 Combustion experiments 1 Analysis of pre-mixed flame
9Experiment 4 Combustion experiments 2 Non-destructive examinations of aerospace materials
10Experiment 9 X-ray Diffraction and SEM observations: Analysis of X-ray diffraction pattern from pure metal
11Experiment 9 X-ray Diffraction and SEM observations: identification of unknown materials using X-ray diffraction, SEM-EDS analysis
12Experiment 10 Project Base Learning (PBL) 1 ‘ Design of long flight airplane’ Literature survey and original concept
13Experiment 10 Project Base Learning (PBL) 2 Design of original airplane
14Experiment 10 Project Base Learning (PBL) 3 Design evaluation
15Experiment 10 Project Base Learning (PBL) 4 Construction of original airplane