TeachersEach Staff
Grade, SemesterYear 3 full year [Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number3H320

Course Description

Internship refers to students engage in their own specialties while in school and have work experience related to future careers. In this course, students will think about their own expertise and interests of their profession outside the university and experience practical activities in companies and organizations. Through these experiences, students aim to have a clearer understanding of their motivation and direction for future learning and research.
For the diploma policy corresponding to this course, please refer to the subject table of each department.

Course Objectives

Students enter enterprises / organizations in the form of on-site practical trainee and experience actual activities. For this reason, students are required to attend all classes in advance before participating the internship.
After the internship, students are required to submit reports, practical journals, etc., presentations at the reporting meeting, submitting the post-practice reports.
By participating in the internship, students will be able to understand how their expertise can be utilized in future work. Students can also obtain indicators to consider their course selection in the future.

Grading Policy

In addition to the practical training, students must submit practical training reports, practical journals, and after-reports. Students will be evaluated in a practical training report (20%), announcement at the internship presentation session after training (40%), and final report (40%).
Feedback on the whole will be given in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

ReferencesRequired materials will be distributed during the class.


Students should be aware of "getting a job in the future" and gather various information through internships to understand interests, concerns, values, and abilities to work. Also, Student should think concretely about what kind of work the student wants to do at the outset when it comes to society. After the class, students should read the prints and materials that will be distributed every time, and prepare as necessary for the next (about 1.5 hours). Students are required to select companies that they wish to work as a intern and conduct company research (about 1.5 hours).


【Practice time, period】
① Practical time : during summer vacation
② Practice period : 5 days or more ~ around 2 weeks
③ Enterprises / organizations : Student can look for the enterprises / organizations for internship by using campus web or information provided from the Career Support Center. In principle, students should look for it by themselves.

* Students whose acquisition number is less than 70 at the end of 2 years can not apply for internship.
* In addition, the "pre-internship" in 2 years is the prerequisite subject of this lecture.
* This lesson is required not only for participating the internship, but also for attending all the classes, including classes after-internship and the report meeting.


1Guidance,internship proceedings,and procedures
: Students should prepare the papers about the purpose of internship, and expectations for the internship.
2Clarification of the purpose of participating in internship
: Why would you like to engage in internship? Students should bring in a report about the reason.
3Campus Web registration
: Students should think about the industry, job category, implementation area, and desired period.
4Selection of internship destination
: Students should think about the industry, job category, implementation area, and desired period.
5Outline of required application document, preparation method and basis
: Students should prepare a report on what they can do with the knowledge that they are learning at university.
6Creating a resume (self- introduction / motives)
: Students should prepare the reason for their application with some episodes that are the basis of their self-introduction and motives.
7Creation of self- introduction / motivation
: Students should organize information on desired internships into notes.
8Modification of self- introduction / motivation
: Students are required to write down company information on notes to create concrete episodes or motivations for self-introduction.
9Completion of self- introduction / motivation
: After the class, students should rewrite the desire to receive the correction, to complete the final draft.
10 Final confirmation of application documents ①
: Students must complete the application documents by the deadline and bring them to class.
11Final confirmation of application documents ② and preparation of company research sheet
: Students should complete the company research sheet and bring it to the class.
12Business etiquette ① How to use appropriate words in a work place and how to act, how to make a call
: Students should look back on their own language and behavior so far and write their improvement points on the notebook.
13Business etiquette ② How to exchange business cards, how to introduce themselves, and case studies
: Students should think about the contents to be talked in self-introduction in one minute and summarize them in a report.
14Notes for Internship
: Students should copy important parts into memos to bring to the internship.
15Create a preliminary report
: Students should prepare reports on their internship recipients and enthusiasm.