Advanced Production, Processing and Machining Method
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Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [Master's program, Division of Integrated Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
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Course Description

Main topics are as follows:
・Typical advanced precision cutting methods (lathe and milling for nano-micro scale fabrications.)
・Numerical modeling and simulation of the cutting process
・Principle of the abrasive process and its advanced application
・Machine tools for ultra precision machining and their elements
・Measurement system for ultra precision machining
・Recent topics about the precision machining
*It is required that students have knowledge about typical material properties and fundamentals of the mechanics of materials, before lesson starts.

Course Objectives

An introduction of the principle of the advanced precision cutting and abrasive processes. Topics include machine tools and their elements measurement systems, environmental issues and recent progresses of this field.

Grading Policy

Discussions about some topics with teacher in few (or more) classes(total, 40%). Its issues will be announced before the classroom.
And the presentation about the assigned issues in last class(60%). The issue for the presentation will be announced before the final classroom.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookBased on the original videos and electric files for the classroom.
Their will be introduced in the class.
ReferencesOther references will be introduced in the class.


English information will be announced on LMS (*internal use).
And the detail will be introduced in the class.


This course will be taught in Japanese.


1Definition and classification of the precision machining processes
2Machine tool for ultra precision machining #1: its principle and characteristics
3Machine tool for ultra precision machining #2: practical and advanced applications
4Cutting tools #1: its fundamentals and classifications
5Cutting tools #2: advanced applications and problems
6Metal cutting #1: its cutting characteristics (chip flow, cutting force, surface finish, and temperature) and nano-micro scale cutting and problems
7Metal cutting #12: its numerical modeling and simulations by typical manners.
8Ultra precision cutting (UPC) #1: difference from the conventional cutting, optimal setting of cutting conditions
9Ultra precision cutting (UPC) #2: wear of the cutting edge in UPC, evaluation of the surface finish
10Abrasive process #1: Grinding, its fundamental and practical applications
11Abrasive process #2: Polishing, its fundamental and practical applications for ultra smooth surface finishing and problems
12Energy beam process: ultra precision machining by photonic, electric, and ionic beams, their principle and applications
13Measurement systems for precision machining: mechanical, optical and electrical approaches, their principle and applications
14Intelligent manufacturing: contemporary systems and factories by artificial intelligence. The topics includes the deep learning and its practical applications on the manufacturing systems
15Summarize and presentation