Comparative Culture2
TeachersKOZONO KojiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0E212

Course Description

In the class, We will study how "Under the tide of the world" led by the world situation, so to speak "Major" is understood in modern Japan and how it influenced the thought of the intellectuals.I will review from the aspect of influence such as Western European scientific thought and traditional Chinese literature. In addition, in the introduction section of this lecture, we will touch some methodologies of comparative culture research as a clue to how to catch about cultural phenomena of interest. Through these, we aim to cultivate a multifaceted vision and to be able to deepen learning in each specialized field.This lesson is related to study objectives 1, 2, and 3 of general basic subjects.

This course is for JABEE programs, so students in the Information Science Course of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering and students in other departments will be offered on different days of the week. Please be careful when registering for the course.

Course Objectives

You can recognize the importance of capturing multifaceted understanding of cultural phenomena and concepts that exist in different cultures rather than looking at from one side. Through group works based on the content of the lecture, you can cultivate a multifaceted vision that is useful in learning specialized fields and living in the society.

Grading Policy

There will be no final exam in this class.We will evaluate grades by comprehension of the term-end report (50%) and the attitude in class (50%).Regarding the "attitude in class", we also add the 8th and 15th report submissions to the evaluation.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookThere is no specific text in this lesson.
Distribute the print as necessary.


① [Before the class]
In the lesson, we do not specify text and distribute prints as necessary, but please read a printed synopsis of a lecture,for better understanding of this class,(Including interpretation of Chinese and English sentences, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.)
② [After the class]
Continue to investigate the contents which you were interested in after the class, and please summarize it. After note and summarize it in notes, use it for presentation and report preparation (over 30 minutes).Also, as for the "group presentation" planned for the 6 th, 7 th, 13 th and 14 th classes, we must make a report on the contents of the presentation afterwards.(over 90 minutes), and hand it in during the 8 th and 15 th classed respectively.


① Please attend all the classes. Because there will be review of lesson and group work preparation.
② The contents and progress of the lesson may be changed depending on the interest of the student.
③ Please refrain from using mobile phones during class as much as possible. For the "vocabulary which meaning is unknown" in the printed synopsis of a lecture, please check in advance before you come to the class.
④ For students of Information Science Course of Department of Information and Electronic engineering, this course is a compulsory courses to select "JABEE Certification Program" and corresponds to 1-1 item of "Learning / educational goal".


Introduction of the contents of this class and how to proceed.
Setting the attainment target of this class by yourself.
Preparation of grouping work (planned to be divided into two groups).
2Introduction①:Memory and ImageI (Translation of Concepts and Modern Vocabulary)
3Introduction②:Memory and imageⅡ (Reconstruction of Memory)
4 Introduction③:Memory and imageⅢ (Reconstruction of Culture)
5Watch the images and pictures (based on contents from 2nd to 4th)
(Based on the contents of 2nd to 4th class) Theme selection for the 1st group work
6 (Based on contents of 2nd to 4th class) 1st group presentation (first group) and discussion
7 (Based on contents of 2nd to 4th class) 1st group presentation (second group) and discussion
8Modern Japan's views on "The general trend"
Modern Japan's World Recognition:On the Integration of Eastern and Western Civilization"
9Modern Japan's views on "The general trend"
J.W.Draper "A History of the Intellectual Development" and Modern Japanese intellectuals
10Modern Japan's views on "The general trend"
Evolutionary Thought in East Asia
11Modern Japan's views on "The general trend"
The general trend:Seen through arts and sciences
12Watch the images and pictures (based on contents from 8th to 11th)
(Based on the contents of 8th to 11th class) Theme selection for the 2nd group work
13 (Based on contents of 8th to 11th class) 2nd group presentation (first group) and discussion
14 (Based on contents of 8th to 11th class) 2nd group presentation (second group) and discussion
15Summarize of lecture.
Looking back on the attainment target you set in the first class.