Database Systems
TeachersNISHIKI Shinnosuke
Grade, SemesterYear 2 II/IV [Department of Information Science Correspondence Course, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number4C204

Course Description

In this course, you will learn about database, a mechanism which enables to effectively store and retrieve data. Specifically, you will learn the following.
* Basic Concepts of Databases
* Models of Database
* Query language for Database
* Design of Relational Database and Operation of data
You will acquire knowledge and skills on DP2 and DP3 of diploma policies.

Course Objectives

The goal is to understand the basic concepts of databases required for complex information processing and the basic mechanism of database systems so that you can apply them. You will be required to acquire the following skills when completing the course.
* You can explain concepts about relational models (relation, keys, functional dependencies, relational algebra).
* You can perform simple retrieval and output by using SQL, a relational database language.
* You can explain concepts of an entity-relationship model and methods to design a relational database with it.
* You can explain the background of normalization and the features of the third normal form.

Grading Policy

Your grade will be assessed based on the scores of final exams (60%), small test and exercise problems (40%).
However, if you do not meet the following two conditions, you will be failed regardless of your grade.
(1) You must pass all tasks (small tests in every class).
(2) You must get score in the final exams at least 60%.
You will receive elucidations and evaluations in the LMS.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookIT Text データベースの基礎吉川 正俊オーム社、ISBN-13: 978-4274223730
ReferencesIT Text データベース速水 治夫、宮崎 収兄山崎 晴明オーム社、ISBN-13: 978-4274132544
ReferencesYou also use materials provided on the LMS.


For the preparation, you should read through the teaching materials. (1.5 hours)
After the class, you should review and work on the assignment in order to improve your understanding. (1.5 hours)


The lesson materials and scope of each class will be notified on LMS.
Textbook is written in Japanese, so you need to understand the text book or find another textbook by yourself.


1Basic Concepts of Databases
2Relational Databases (1): Relation, Basic terms and Concepts
3Relational Databases (2): Relationship Schema and Relational Database
4Relational algebra (1): Relational Algebraic Operation
5Relational algebra (2): Relational Algebraic Expression
6SQL(1): Basic terms and concepts
7SQL(2): Queries
8SQL(3):Update Operation
9Design of Conceptual Schema(1): Data dependency
10Design of Conceptual Schema(2): Normalization
11Design of Conceptual Schema(3): ER models
12Database for Decision Support
13Data Storing, Query processing
14Transaction(1): Concepts of Transactions, Concurrency Control
15Transaction(2): Fault recovery