Mechanical Engineering Special Lectures
TeachersEach Staff
Grade, SemesterYear 3 full year [Department of Mechanical and Precision System, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategorySpecial Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number1J305

Course Description

People who are active in the real world from a wide range of fields related to mechanical engineering and peripheral fields will come as off-campus lecturers. The lecturer will give a lecture on the content of work at a company and the relationship with mechanical engineering.
In this class you will acquire knowledge, techniques and attitudes about DP1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Course Objectives

Students listen to lectures from working people who are seniors in life from a wide range of fields. Students should be aware of what they need to be aware of in order to become a member of society.
The goal is to encourage students to think about the skills they should acquire during their school days.

Grading Policy

Students will be requested to submit a report on each lecture. It is evaluated by the content of the report (70%) and the attitude toward class (30%).
If attendance is less than 2/3, they will be disqualified.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookNothing special.


As a preparation, check the information related to the lecture field of each lecturer in advance at the library or the Internet to obtain prior knowledge.(about 1.5 hours).
After each lesson, students should review using materials and notebooks, and create a report on the assigned assignments (about 1.5 hours).


This is a special lecture that is held irregularly seven times throughout the year (day and time are fixed except for tours). The following "contents of each lesson" is temporarily placed.
The theme, order, and date and time of 2021 will be announced at the beginning of the semester in a bulletin board and guidance.


1Lecture in the field of power electronics
2Lecture in the field related to ships
3Lecture by a disciple of an ergonomics master who belongs to the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
4Lecture by a patent attorney who is a graduate of this campus
5Lecture on digital technology (3D-CAD) by a parts design company
6Lecture by an engineer of automobile-related companies
7Lecture by a researcher from steel-making companies