Study on Modern Japanese Culture I
TeachersHAMADA, YoStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory  2 credit [Department of Japanese Cultures]
 Syllabus NumberJLT-101

Course Description

In this lecture, students will learn about Japanese culture and human culture under the theme of "Culture Space-Time".
Japan has remarkable diversity in climate, topography, plants, animals, and people, and a rich culture has been nurtured through the involvement of these living things. In order to break into the new world of Japanese culture, it is essential not only to understand the mechanism of time used by modern natural science and technology, but also to have a deep understanding of the time peculiar to culture.
We will travel through the world of fertility in Japanese culture, paying attention to the zodiac signs of the wild thoughts and the clock of culture, and breaking into the deep meaning hidden in the calendar.