Basic Research in Science Education
TeachersAKAISHI, Tamotsu
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Elementary Education Elementary Education Course]
 Syllabus NumberESS-108

Course Description

Science learning content is composed of "energy" "particle" "life" "earth" as a pillar so that you can acquire the basic view of science and scientific concepts from elementary school through high school . In the academic field, it is "physics" "chemistry" "life" "earth science". Therefore, it is important to be conscious of the fact that the contents of learning are systematized and structured. In addition, as a force to raise in science learning, "ability to compare" in the 3rd grade elementary school, "ability to extract factor" in the 4th graders, "ability to control the condition" for the 5th graders, "ability to reason In junior high school, emphasis is placed on the systematic nature of ability, with emphasis on "ability to analyze" and "ability to interpret". This is attributable to the aim of improving the academic skills of science and fostering academic ability of internationally-academic science.
In this class, we aim to be able to acquire the basic and basic knowledge of science necessary for teaching science classes so that they can be used for teaching science. Students should have interests and interests in science education and work on classes with the aim of firmly acquiring science fundamental academic skills.