Introduction to Chinese Culture II
TeachersHARADA, Jiro
Elective, CreditsElective  2 credit [Department of Japanese Cultures]
 Syllabus NumberCHL-104

Course Description

The history of Chinese poems.
The most important achievement of Chinese literary is the poems. So, in this lecture, we hope to follow the history of them―from Zhou(周) dynasty(the birth of Chinese poetry) to Tang(唐) dynasty (the completion stage of Chinese poems) , and taste the many excellent works.
For example, “The Mao-Shi(毛詩)”, “The Chu-Ci(楚辞)”, “The Ancient Nineteen Poems(古詩十九首)”, “The Wen-Xuan(文選)”, and many works of Wang Wei(王維), Li Bai(李白), Du Fu(杜甫), Bai Ju-Yi(白居易), and so forth.