Methods of Survey in Tourism I
TeachersHANAI, TomomiStaffInfo, OGASAWARA, NagatakaStaffInfo, IIZUKA, RyoStaffInfo
Elective, CreditsCompulsory Elective  2 credit [Department of Tourism Management]
 Syllabus NumberSTS-101

Course Description

Survey, conducting it and discussing based on the collected data, is one of the useful methods to understand tourism deeply. However, the wrong conduction might be misleading if the survey is not conducted properly. In this course, the students learn what the survey is and why people do the survey. Next, they take a general view of various survey methods like questionnaire, interview and observation methods and learn the characteristics and procedure of a questionnaire method. Finally, the students try to make a questionnaire to test hypotheses they set. Note that, this seminar consists of lectures and group work to encourage learning.