TeachersSUGA, HarumiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 1credit
 Syllabus Number0A214

Course Description

We will use a textbook for developing reading skills and do some exercises to check the students' comprehension of the text and to develop vocabulary. Some of the exercises are designed to help the student to improve English listening comprehension and speaking ability. This class is designed to achieve Learning Goals 1, 2, and 3 of the General Basic Subjects, incorporating active learning.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to enable students to attain a better level of proficiency in English. By the end of the course, students will be able to:
1. grasp the gists of each paragraph of a 400-word starter level English passage and understand the main idea of the whole reading.
2. write three sentences in five minutes. (A subject-verb set with proper word order will be counted as one sentence.)

Grading Policy

Final examination (45%), assignments submitted to the LMS (45%), and participation (10%)

・The assignments are scored and returned to the LMS with scores/grades and corrections.
・If you meet the deadlines of the submissions of assignments, your participation is regarded as good.
・If you redo an assignment and submit it again when you make a mistake in how to do it first, your participation is good.
・If you do not do it, even when your answers are mostly mistakes, your participation is considered bad.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook"Reading Base"
ISBN: 978-1-305-58434-1
Miwako Yamashita, Mitsuru Yokoyama, & Yasuko OkinoCENGAGE Learning (¥2,000 +Tax)


[Assignments concerning the Textbook]
1. For preparatory study, the reading in each chapter will be read through, and the questions will be answered before class.
 Unfamiliar expressions in the reading and questions will be looked up using dictionaries beforehand. (50 minutes)
2. For review, students will practice giving correct answers to the questions studied in class, especially the mistaken ones.
 The meanings of new expressions should also be memorized for making correct answers. (30 minutes)

[Assignments concerning Short Free Composition]
For review, students will check the feedback of short free compositions on the LMS, and identify their grades and mistakes. (5 minutes)


・This course will be an on-demand class this semester, so the assignments with the directions will be uploaded on the LMS.
 You will also submit them through the LMS, and receive feedback on it from the teahcer.
 When you have trouble using a PC or how to submit an assignment online, consult the staff at the LT Laboratory or the IT House.
 You can also come to my office or email me: my email address will be posted on the first page of this course.
 Never keep this kind of trouble to yourself.

・Students are supposed to use English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries for each class. (Either paper or electronic dictionaries are OK. 
 (If you are an exchange student, the dictionaries that translate English into your mother tongue and vice versa are preferable.)


1Orientation (the outline of the course, preparation, and evaluation)
Free Composition 1 (Self-Introduction, etc.)
2Chapter 1: Learning a Second Language 
    (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
3Chapter 1: Learning a Second Language 
    (Reading Analysis〜Information Organization)
4Chapter 2: The Best Place to Live
     (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
5Chapter 2: The Best Place to Live
    (Reading Analysis〜Follow-up Activity)
6Chapter 3: A Musical Family
    (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
Free Composition 2 (What I Know Very Well)
7Chapter 3: A Musical Family
     (Reading Analysis〜Information Organization)
8Chapter 4: The McCaugheys―An Unusual Family
    (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
9Chapter 4: The McCaugheys―An Unusual Family
    (Reading Analysis〜Follow-up Activity)
10Chapter 5: The Importance of Exercise for Children
    (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
11Chapter 5: The Importance of Exercise for Children
    (Reading Analysis〜Information Organization)
12Chapter 6: The New York City Marathon―A World Race
    (Vocabulary〜Pre-reading Preparation)
Free Composition 3 (An Unforgettable Experience, etc.)
13Chapter 6: The New York City Marathon―A World Race
    (Reading Analysis〜Information Organization)
Study Guide for the Final Examination
14Chapter 6: The New York City Marathon―A World Race
    (Information Organization〜Follow-up activity)
Roundup of Chapter 1-6, Course Evaluation
15Final Examination & the Roundup of the Whole Course