Career Planning1
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0D211

Course Description

In this course, students will learn about the significance of career planning and think about how to contribute to society through occupation. Students will also recognize their own social roles and reveal their own views on their work. In addition, students will learn from industry / occupation research, human resources required in society, and be able to describe how to contribute to society through vocation in words. In this course, through group works, students will deepen self-understanding and improve communication skills.
In this course, students acquire the knowledge and ability of learning goals 2 and 3 of General Basic Subjects.

Course Objectives

In the course, students will grasp the fundamental matters such as social and economic conditions and the situation of the industry through examining the occupation and industry in detail. In addition, students will have opportunity to hear stories about the talents that are sought for in the society. Based on those, students will learn how to express their own future images such as their social roles and the way they work, based on what was clarified by self-understanding and corporate research.

Grading Policy

Industry / occupation research results (30%), self-introduction papers (30%), final assignment (40%)
Students will be assessed on the final assignment and the content of the report to be submitted during the course, based on job type / industry research and self-understanding, the degree of their thoughts regarding his / her desired career after graduation.
Feedback on the whole will be given in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

ReferencesHandouts will be distributed in the class.


Students are required to investigate with an interest in university student's employment situation and social and economic situation. Students are encouraged to collect information by using various media concerning the industry and occupation in which they are interested. 30 hours or more preliminary review is required during this period.


This course is only for third grade students. This course is not compulsory, but I recommend students, especially who need to prepare for job-hunting, to take this course.


1Significance of career planning, important attitude in third graders
: As a preparation, students should consider the meaning of their careers based on the significance of the career plan.
2Think about the significance of working
: As a preparation, students read the literature on the meaning of work and deepen their thoughts.
3Think about the relationship between learning in specialized field and desired work
: As a review, students will think about how to utilize their expertise in their work.
4Basic knowledge about job hunting (Examination of SPI Practice Test)
:Before you take the test, students should review the areas that they are not good at.
5Occupation and industry research ① Examine the industry and learn about occupations related to the industry.
: Students are required to grasp the latest information in newspapers etc. in advance about the industry of their own interest.
6Occupation and Industry Research ② Conclude concretely on occupations of particular interest.
: Students are required to gather further information about occupations of their own interest in advance.
7Occupation and industry research ③ Investigate occupations in specialized areas and prepare for presentation
: Further investigate about occupation and prepare for announcement
8Industry research ① Purpose and method of industry research
: Students will further investigate occupations of interest in other group's presentations.
9Industry research ② Reporting and presentation within group
: Based on the knowledge gained through courses, students are required to deepen their research further in the industry they desire.
10About human resource image sought in society
: Students should review the courses and have a clearer understanding of works after graduation.
11Self-expression ① Organize the required ability and episodes that express their strengths
: Students should prepare to think about how their abilities can be utilized in their work.
12Self-expression ② Create self –introduction for your desired job category / industry
: Students prepare for self-introduction in connection with desired job category / industry type.
13Self-expression ③ Self-introduction creation of completed draft
: Students need to read and reprint self-introduction sentences many times.
14Make an action plan from summer vacation and the latter half as third graders
: Check your own planning skills and think about the behavior from summer vacation and the latter 3rd year from the viewpoint of importance and urgency.
15Summary / Test
: Let's see if the desired job category / industry is clarified and your understanding about the ability required by the desired occupation.