Japanese Language and Culture3
TeachersTANAKA, RumiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 1st semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number0A363

Course Description

The aim of this course is to help international junior students to acquire knowledge, skills, attitude as the study objective 1, 2, 3 of general basic subjects. In this course, we will read about current state of science, technology, and business in Japan. We will learn attitudinal expressions when you look for jobs and required as a member of society through practice and works in pairs and groups.

Course Objectives

This course aims at two of the following things. (1) To acquire skills about current state of science and technology, business in Japan, structure of text and expression style from reading text. (2) To enable the expression of Japanese through review attitudinal expressions.

Grading Policy

Your overall grade in the class will be decided based on the following: Quiz and task (30%) Aggressive remarks and approach (20%) Final exam (50%) To pass, students must earn at least 60 points out of 100.

Textbook and Reference

Textbookビジネスケースで学ぶ日本語 Tomoko Takami, Michio TsutsuiThe Japan Times
ISBN code(9784789015677)
Textbook日本語文法演習 敬語を中心とした対人関係の表現-待遇表現-Yoshimi Ogawa, Naoko
3A Corporation
ISBN code (9784883192724)
ReferencesI will distribute the print as necessary.


Preparation:Look through textbooks,and to make a summary about vocabulary and expressions which you couldn't understood.And to answer the questions in the textbook(60 minutes). I'll check your notebook the beginning of next class.
Review:Check again the contents that you couldn't understood in the lessons(30 minutes). I'll check your understanding by some mini test.


This course may change the class schedule and main textbook depending on the level of Japanese language ability.


1Orientation,Self-introduction, explain the outline of the lesson and evaluation method, Japanese level check of students.
2“NINTENDO” stage1 discuss and speed reading
attitudinal expression① review of beginner
3“NINTENDO” stage2 reading (Content confirmation)
attitudinal expression② about attitudinal expression
4“NINTENDO” stage3 vocabulary and grammar
attitudinal expression③ bout honorific
5“NINTENDO” stage3 expressions
attitudinal expression④ expressions bout honorific
6“NINTENDO” stage4 practice of tasks
attitudinal expression⑤ expressions about transfer
7“NINTENDO” stage4 discuss
attitudinal expression⑥ polite style and ordinary style
8“TOYOTA” stage1 discuss and speed reading
attitudinal expression⑦ request
9“TOYOTA” stage2 reading (Content confirmation)
attitudinal expression⑧ invitation
10“TOYOTA” stage3 vocabulary and grammar
attitudinal expression⑨ consent
11“TOYOTA” stage3 expressions
attitudinal expression⑩ advice
12“TOYOTA” stage4 practice of tasks
attitudinal expression⑪ advise against
13“TOYOTA” stage4 discuss
attitudinal expression⑫ claim
14Summary of vocabulary and expression
15 Summary of attitudinal expression