Career Planning2
Grade, SemesterYear 3 2nd semest [General Basic Subjects]
CategoryGeneral Basic Subjects
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number0D212

Course Description

  In this course, students will become aware of their own social roles, understand the human figures sought for in society, and have a clearer understanding of their views on their work. For that reason, students are required to think about their values and the meaning of work. In this course, we will focus especially on corporate research. Students will also grasp their fundamental ability as social workers by using simple tests. In order to be able to think about a specific career plan in the future, students will learn basic matters on mental health and rules of labor. In addition, we will also invite external lecturer to talk about working at the organization and recruitment of university students. In this course, we will conduct group activities and deepen our understanding of the future.
  In this course, students will acquire the knowledge and ability to achieve goals of 2 and 3 of General Basic Subjects.

Course Objectives

  In this course, students continue to deepen their understanding of vocational understanding continuing from career planning 1. We aim to make it possible for students to have a clearer understanding of their view of labor and workplace and to explain by knowing about values and social workers' basic values about student work and doing corporate research. In addition, we aim to allow students to be self motivated. In this course, students can deepen their self-understanding and improve their communication skills through group activities.

Grading Policy

Summary of company research (20%), creation of desire motives (25%), creation of self-introduction (25%), final report (30%)
Students will be evaluated whether the content of the motivation / self-introduction and collection subjects can be properly translated into languages for their desired career after graduation, based on occupation / industry research and self-understanding. Students are also required to observe the deadline of the submission and submit all the requested reports, etc.
Feedback on the whole will be given in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

ReferencesHandouts will be distributed in the class.


Students should look back on what they learned in career planning 1. Students who are interested in college students' employment situation and social and economic situation, and let's investigate. Students should gather information by using various media about industry and occupation of interest. 30 hours or more preliminary review is required during this period.


It is a hands-on course for your future career choice, although it is not compulsory but I recommend you to take this course.


1Target setting and schedule management, attitude towards 3rd year students in the latter half
: Review the created goals and schedule at every possible moment.
2Think about the significance of work
: Students should reveal their values and think about working.
3Values of working (Learn about career anchor)
: Students should think about their own working values before this class.
4Industry research by respect to each industry
: Students should deepen industry research by respect to each industry using various media.
5Industry research by respect to each industry (preparation for presentation)
: Students should clarify the content of company research and prepare for presentation.
6Industry research by respect to each industry (presentation)
: Students will gather information about industries and companies that they are interested in the contents of presentations by other groups after class.
7Clarification of your wishes and company comparison study
: Based on the method of corporate research, students should conduct comparative company research.
8What is the meaning of working at an organization (external lecturer)
: Students should document what they learned about the organization.
9Current situation of recruitment of university students (external lecturer)
: Students should be able to describe and explain what they learned about recruitment.
10Self-check for fundamental skill as a worker
: Students should look back on good and inadequate things in everyday life.
11Reflect on fundamentals as a worker
: Students' idea about actions to extend the foundation ability as a worker.
12Creation of self-introduction and motivations for job hunting
: Students should complete self-PR and motivations through corporate research and self-understanding so far
13Rules and mental health at work
: Clarify what you want to learn about rule of work and mental health join the class.
14Toward employment - Creating a career plan after five years
: Students need to imagine their 5 years of employment and consider the steps necessary to make it happen.
15Summary / Test - Mental attitude for starting job hunting
: Students should bring all the prints so far created and develop their own ideas based on them.