Group Project Practice
TeachersHAMADA, koichiStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 1 2nd semest [Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering]
CategoryBasic Major Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number3G101

Course Description

The learners will have the following classes; introduction, selecting a theme, analyzing problems, discussing and evaluating problem solutions, and result presentation. Collaborative learning is strongly required for solving problems. The learners will struggle with two themes for each first-half and second-half term, and submit two reports. This course is related to DP2.

Course Objectives

The aim of this course is to develop faculties for analyzing and resolving problems through team activities. First, each team chooses a theme. Next they analyze problems with regard to the theme, then they evaluates solutions to the problems, and finally they present their resolution. The learners acquire the faculty to execute a project and communication skills through team cooperation and the presentation.

Grading Policy

The learners are assessed by the followings: reports 50%, presentation 30%, any other outputs 20%. The learners who get over 60% can get credits.
We evaluate the first-half and second-half theme separately.
The learners can get feedback from their reports, portfolios and presentations.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookNo specific text books and reference books. The learners can get learning materials from LMS.


The learners must do the followings to use their portfolio:
(1) check progression status of the project,
(2) go straight to the goal,
(3) do requisite activities to attain the project,
(4) evaluate his or her behavioral characteristic and competency,
(5) and devise and improve the project.
The learner must prepare for the class for about 1.5 hours and follow team activity after the class for about 1.5 hours.


Every learner creates the portfolio with the aims of reviews, self-evaluation, and self-improvement.
The learners get feedback of their reports during the testing period.
Learning materials are uploaded in LMS.


1Theme 1: deciding team members, setting a subject, and submitting activity plan
2Studying the subject and propose resolution methods
3Studying the subject and propose resolution methods
4Studying the subject and proposing resolution methods, and writing check list or manual
5Preparing presentation
6Presentation and writing proposal
7Peer review of proposals, improving proposal, and writing reports
8Theme 2: guidance
9Project activity
10Project activity
11Project activity
12Project activity
13Project activity
14Preparing presentation
15Presentation and writing reports