Sociology of Mental Health
Grade, SemesterYear 3 2nd semest []
CategoryCommon Core Courses
Elective, CreditsElective 2credit
 Syllabus Number7A214

Course Description

In modern society with diversified values, people often suffer from mental tension and psychological stress due to difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and there are problems related to mental health such as psychosomatic disorder, social maladaptation, and suicide. It has increased. In this class, you will learn basic knowledge about various mental health problems throughout your life and basic skills for conducting school mental health activities. In addition, a critical examination of health and physical education textbooks will be conducted so that the field of mental health in health classes can be taken charge of.
It is also a required subject for the teaching profession (health and physical education). This class falls under Diploma Policy ①.

Course Objectives

The goals to be achieved are as follows.
1) Understand and explain the basics of communication skills
2) Explain problems related to mental health
3) Can create teaching materials in the field of mental health in health classes
4) Explain the organizational activities of mental health

Grading Policy

・ Report 80 points Test 20 points will be evaluated.
・ We will feed back the results at the final time.

Textbook and Reference

ReferencesHygiene / Public HealthNational Judo Rehabilitation School AssociationIshiyaku Publications
ISDN978-4-524- 26198-7 C3047


I have a simple conversation with my friends (peer work), so
As pre-study
Please be able to announce the following to your peers each time.
① Fun events of this week
② What I learned for the first time in the past week, what I noticed
③ A small step I tried toward my dream in the past week (15 hours)
As a post-study. Write a commentary on the keywords specified in the print in your notebook. (15 hours)


・ Basically, please attend all classes.


1Class plan

: Basic structure of mental health and its way of thinking Understanding mental tension and psychological stress
2Mental health communication skills of university students ① Listening and questions Let's take a psychology test
3Mental health communication skills of university students ② Nonverbal communication
4Lifelong mental health ① Fetal period Infant period What is me? My map
5Lifelong mental health ② Childhood, adolescence, old age
6What if the mind is asked?
7Mental health problems ① Bullying, suicide, communication
8Mental health problems ② Alcohol, drugs
9Mental health problems ③ Sex and others
10How to proceed with mental health education ① Junior high school and high school textbooks
11How to proceed with mental health education ② Social skills and mental health education
12How to proceed with mental health education ③ Mental health education for university students
13Confirm basic knowledge of mental health based on public health textbooks.
14Ask questions and hold quiz competitions to confirm basic knowledge of mental health.
15Review and evaluation of class Summary
* Mental health issues may be changed to the theme of interest to the students. In that case, we will tell you in the class. I bought it in the first grade because I will review public health in class.
Please be sure to prepare the text.