Extra-curricular Activities・The period for integrated Studies
TeachersFURUYA MasanobuStaffInfo
Grade, SemesterYear 3 2nd semest []
CategoryTeacher Licence Subjects
Elective, CreditsRequisites 2credit
 Syllabus Number9D306

Course Description

- In this course, students will learn about the significance of extra-curricular in school education and how to teach class activities, student council activities and school events.
- Students will also learn about educational counselling activities that they will conduct as a class teacher.
- Students will also learn the aims and teaching methods of integrated studies (総合的な学習の時間)
- This course will also address the problem of "black club activities" which is currently under discussion.
- This course is composed of lectures, along with various student activities such as presentations, pair work, Bibliobattle, group learning, discussions, etc.
- This course is related to diploma policies 2 and 3.

Course Objectives

-Students discuss the teacher's role and points to take into consideration in conducting extra-curricular activities and integrated studies. (Thinking and judgement)
- Students understand the meaning and purpose of extra-curricular activities and integrated studies and acquire specific teaching methods. (Skill)
- Students deepen their understanding of class activities (especially counselling activities). (Knowledge and understanding)

Grading Policy

- Reflection paper (indication of attendance and learning) 30%
- Participation and attitude in class (Q&A, pair/group work, discussions) 20%
- Presentation, Bibliobattle 30%
- Essay based on feedback 20%
* Feedback on student's learning will be given in the final class.

Textbook and Reference

Textbook『特別活動』吉田武男/京免徹雄ミネルヴァ書房 2020 ISBN : 978-4-623-08780-8


- Students should present their opinions clearly in class
- A reflection paper will be distributed at the end of every class. Students should summarise the class with a single kanji character and present the reason why you chose that particular kanji.
- Students are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities



2The purpose of extra-curricular activities
3Student counselling and guidance
4Pecha Kucha 10×20 -Presentation
5Educational counselling -Pair work
6Classroom activities -Bibliobattle
7Student council activities
8School events
9Volunteer activities
10Black club activities -Discussion
11Integrated studies/ Newspapers in education (NIE)
12Integrated studies/ Working experience
13Integrated studies/ Starting a business
14Integrated studies/ Group work