TeachersMORIMOTO, Noriko
Grade, SemesterYear 2 2nd semest [Department of Regional Economics, Faculty of Economics]
Elective, CreditsElective 1credit
 Syllabus Number8B203

Course Description

Internship has a meaning to have a clearer understanding of what they should do in the rest of the university life, to foster a view of the profession. In addition, by experiencing practical training, students will be able to find job hunting activities smooth and become able to adapt well in the workplace after going to society upon graduation. Through internship, it is important for students to have the opportunity to learn from experience working in society, review their life as students, and prepare their minds to adjust themselves working in society.
For that reason, students need to know the significance of internship and to have a clear understanding of their purpose of participation. In this course, we will focus on the meaning of internship they will do before job hunting and focus on preparatory activities for internship to participate in the future. This course will be conducted not only through individual works but also through group activities.
For the diploma policy corresponding to this course, please refer to the subject table of each department.

Course Objectives

In this course, students can learn about the significance of internships for college students to work in society and deepen their understanding of internship itself. Students will be able to imagine the practice next year by listening to their senior's presentation who experienced internship. In addition, students learn the method of enterprise research, actually searching for information, learn practical flow and document preparation for application. Furthermore, students learn about manners and rules as workers in the society that are required for internships in a group work format.

Grading Policy

Report on desired internship (40%), self-introduction papers toward desired training place (30%), final papers (30%)
Students are able to verbalize the interests of internships they desire to engage, and they will be evaluated according to whether they are logically and concretely considered by associating the desired internship learning with the way they wish to work after graduation .
Feedback on the whole will be given in the last class.

Textbook and Reference

TextbookHandouts will be distributed during the class.


Students should think about their future career choice from what they learned in Career Design 1. For that purpose, students should utilize resources such as newspapers, books, the Internet and collect internship information. 15 hours or more preliminary review is required during this period.


• Major Course (1 credit) is not included in the course restrictions.
• It is a prerequisite subject of "internship" in the third year.
• Only 2nd grade students are eligible.


1Significance of internship
: Students understand the purpose of internship, describe and explain their expectations upon the practice.
2Listen to your senior’s internship presentation and organize what you want to learn from internship
: Students should gather information so that they can describe and explain companies and their interests.
3Have a clearer understanding of the internship interests, describe and explain them
: Why do you want to participate in internships? Students need to organize these reasons before the class.
4Search for internship application information and make the image clearer
: Before the class, students need to think about the industry, job category, implementation area, and desired period.
5Understand business people's manners and internship application documents
: Students should look back on their language and behavior so far.
6Create self-introduction papers toward internship destination
: Students need to prepare their strengths and episodes that are the basis of them.
7Know the rule and flow of internship in the third year
: Given the learning so far, students should have a clearer understanding of their practical needs.
8Summary / Test
: Students will check if their image for internship is created before the final course.